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Thread: Interface Questions

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    Thanks, Herb - I will try again this weekend. I did get the whole page laid out when I tried previously, but couldn't get anything to work. I will look at what you said on where to put the code, etc.

    Can you point me to a section where I can read up about inputting into variables, etc? I have not come across anywhere where there is info on lianja.get(), and this seems to be key.

    Many thanks again!

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    Hi John,

    look up Lianja on the Lianja wiki.

    It's short for lianja.getelementbyid(). It's a concept known to those coming from the Javascript/web world: it traverses the app tree (in this case) to find the named object.

    I believe as you went through the videos there were at least a couple uses of it. This article has a good description of it. This is one of the articles in the Lianja Developers Guide, which has other very useful articles in it.




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