Hi guys

We are having a problem with our previously reliable Lianja Server running on a 2008 R2 Windows server.

Seemingly ever since upgrading to v5.3, we are having problems logging in to Lianja Server to get to the login screen. It works fine in localhost on same machine as but will almost ever connect externally.

If we restart the Lianja service we can sometimes get it to connect once but then will not connect again.

We have rechecked firewall and port availability - all checks out fine. Wireshark shows the connection being forcibly terminated. We have reinstalled Lianja just in case there was some corruption and have redeployed.

Is there some other setup we need to do with v5.3 that is different from before? We have tried many different browsers and internet connections and the results are always the same. We are using Lianja server as it came "out of the box".

Thanks in advance