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Thread: Get ready for Lianja 5.3

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    Get ready for Lianja 5.3

    Itís been four months since we released Lianja 5.2. Thereís been a lot of development activity during this time.

    As we prepare to release Lianja 5.3 I think itís a good time to prepare yourself for all the new features and improvements in this new version.

    Many of the new features and functionality are the result of sponsored features. Thank you for that.

    Lianja 5.3 is our best ever release by far and it lays the foundation for Lianja Hosted Cloud which we have been working on in parallel.

    It contains the Lianja Admin Console for Lianja Cloud which provides you with everything you need to administer your users, databases, packages, reports and very importantly forensics in the cloud. It also contains a real time dashboard that is dynamically updated. This monitors users connected, CPU, memory and disk usage. The Lianja Admin Console is a Lianja App so you can open it in the App Builder, study how it is implemented, modify it and enhance it and deploy it to your server.
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