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Thread: Question from a potential newbie

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    Question from a potential newbie

    I am a VFP Developer and have a very successful application using MySQL as the database.

    I would dearly love to provide an android/IOS/Web application to my users accessing the database. It appears this would be possible with Lianja would I only need the app builder? can I run everything I need on my own server?

    Has anyone done this before

    Thanks in Advance

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    HI Mark,

    a) you can develop the app in the Lianja App Builder (LAB). The Lianja Cloud Server version that comes with the LAB will do for development, but will not do for running production.

    b) you will need a Lianja Cloud Server (LCS) license on your server. If delivering to multiple customers each on their own server, each server will need a license. There are options (the ISV license) for a scenario where there will be many servers in use (yours or your customers). The LCS is quite robust. The LCS can run on Windows, Linux, and MacOS. As you might suspect, Linux and MacOS threading is likely to give superior (to Windows) performance, where that is an issue.

    As for hitting MySQL: from Lianja's perspective, it's just another backend.

    As for the mobile apps: you can perform most operations in mobile with a web application. If you need more, you can generate as Cordova/PhoneGap apps. You will need to jump through a couple of hoops to make this happen, but those aren't Lianja hoops. Generating Cordova/PhoneGap apps is just fill in a few fields and push a button. Google, and more so Apple, have a few mundane but necessary hoops for you to navigate.



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