1st Just out of curiosity, why did you change the order of the events when a form (page/section) is instantiated? I imagine though we can all get used to the fact that LISA is IL.

2nd When is the Activate event supposed to fire? I added a wait statement to the activate event of both the page and the section and I can never seem to get them to fire.

3rd, the order is also different than what I would expect from VFP. The closest example in VFP would be a formset and a form.

In VFP the firing order is:

FormSet Load
Form Load
Form Init
FormSet Init

However in Lianja it is backwards i.e.

Section Init (Load)
Page Init (Load)
Page Load (Init)
Section Load (Init)

i.e. in VFP the outside container loads first and init's last and in Lianja the outside container is second.