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Thread: Lianja 5.3Beta2 now available

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    Lianja 5.3Beta2 now available

    I have uploaded Lianja 5.3Beta2 for Windows for those of you who have access to pre-release versions.

    You will note that on Windows I am now releasing betas as "updates" since 5.2 was released. The update installer is significantly smaller and can be installed directly on top of an existing installation.

    This Beta has full support for Visual Components. I've added several new examples that use this new functionality.

    This is pre-release software so it should not be used in production.

    • Lianja.clipBoard() now supported in Web Apps.
    • Custom search panels can now embed components. Specify like this:

      example_component is the name of the component library and barrytest is the name of the component.
    • Lianja.showDialog() and Lianja.showDialogPanel() can now embed components. e.g.

      Lianja.showDialog("Title", "component:/example_component.barrytest('field3.backcolor=red; field3.forecolor=yellow;')")
      Lianja.showDialogPanel("Title", "component:/example_component.barrytest('field3.backcolor=red; field3.forecolor=yellow;'')", "50%")

      If the component is a WebView you can customize the parameters like this:

      Lianja.showDialog("Component", "component:/example_component.barrytest_chart?title=This is a chart&backcolor=lightblue",0,0,true)

    • Added support for saving WebView sections as components. All you need to do is define the Visual Component Details in the section attributes.
      Component Library
      Component Name
      Component Author
      Component Version
      Component Description
    • Improved code generation for sections/gadgets containing components.
    • Productivity improvement: Clicking the keyboard icon in the section header of a custom section or WebView which has a component embedded in it now pops up the "Custom Attribute Editor" for the component.
    • Productivity improvement: Clicking the keyboard icon in the header of a custom gadget or WebView which has a component embedded in it now pops up the "Custom Attribute Editor" for the component.
    • Productivity improvement: Faster App Wizard startup. (No longer looks in GitHub for App templates as it was too slow under load).
    • Added SET BACKTICKS ON|OFF to enable `backticks` command line substitution. This is OFF by default. Note that for security reasons this is disabled in the Cloud Server.
    • Productivity improvement: Added a new "Component Gallery" to the FormToolsBar. You can now create a custom section based on a Visual Component.
    • Productivity improvement: Added "Visual Components" to "Section" and "Gadgets" in the FormBar. You create Visual Components using the Canvas Designer. They can then be used in desktop/web/mobile Apps in Custom sections, Custom Gadgets, Grid Cells, Custom Search Panels and Custom DialogPanels.
    • Added the ability to customize Visual Components in Custom sections and gadgets using a new "Custom Attribute Editor". You can now change the attributes on any attribute inside the Visual Component without coding.
    • Lianja/VFP now recognizes true, false and null as well as the traditional .t., .f., and .null.
    • Improved dashboard sections. They can now layout horizontally on the same row as well as top to bottom, left to right. A new example_dashboard2 App has been added to show how to layout sections horizontally.
    • Performance and stability improvements.
    • Various bug fixes
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