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Thread: Lianja 5.2Beta15

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    Lianja 5.2Beta15

    I have uploaded Lianja 5.2Beta15 for Windows and Linux for those of you who have access to pre-release versions.

    You will note that on Windows I am now releasing betas as "updates" since 5.1 was released. The update installer is significantly smaller and can be installed directly on top of an existing installation.

    This is pre-release software so it should not be used in production.

    • Added new Lianja System Object attributes; (desktop only) Lianja.height, Lianja.width, Lianja.minwidth, Lianja.maxwidth,Lianja.minheight,LIanja.maxheight.
    • The navigation panel "groups" can be collapsed/expanded like sections. See example_webapp1.
    • TabView section headers can now contain {} macros which are refreshed when data is navigated. Desktop and Web.
    • Added "Like" and "Sounds Like" to search panel conditions. Desktop and Web.
    • Fixed an issue importing python modules in linux.
    • Added upperc() and lowerc() functions that convert utf-8 character data e.g. german.
    • Subtitles can now contain {} macros which are dynamically updated in the UI as you navigate records. This was already in desktop but now works in Web/Mobile too.
    • Added the ability to "Show Record Mark" as the first column of grids and "Record Mark Expr" which is evaluated and displayed in the horizontal row header. Additionally the "Record Mark Tooltip" will be displayed if the mouse hovers over it. Both of these attributes can contain {} macros. This is currently desktop only.
    • Improved operation of TabViews that contain related sections. Navigating records using the ActionBar buttons navigates the section that has a "Search field" specified then refreshes related sections. See example_reltabs sample App. Basically you do not need to have the "Search field" Tab selected to navigate related data (grid for example).
    • Added a new grid attribute "Show record mark". This displays the row number down the left of the grid similar to a spreadsheet.
    • Added deployment branches so that deployment can be automatically done during testing against local / remote servers. This is a ComboBox at the top of the ModeBar on the left side of the main window.
    • Added ComboBox at top of the ModeBar to switch between Debug/Release mode.
    • http(s) upload of packages to Cloud Server now supported.
    • *New* dashboard section. Open example_dashboard App then switch to runtime. Switch back to development view and run live in browser.
    • Auto updates can now be optionally be enabled/disabled.
    • Improvements to licensing messages.
    • *New* app security for unauthenticated Apps. If you want to have unauthenticated Apps then:
      - Set envvar (registry on Windows) DB_ALLOWUNAUTHENTICATED_APPS=true.
      - Set DB_UNAUTHENTICATED_APPS=appname1,appname2,appname3 ,...
      - Check "Enable guest access" in the App settings.
      - Only Apps that have been granted access (are in the DB_UNAUTHENTICATED_APPS list) can be run without authentication.
    • Increased cloud server connections from 10 to 25 for development and testing.
    • Productivity improvements.
    • Security improvements.
    • Performance and stability improvements.
    • Various bug fixes
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