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Thread: Auto Add Mode

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    Auto Add Mode


    Again on tabview section with 1st tab a form section (Order) and 2nd tab is a grid section (order details)
    I wish to put the grid section in Add mode if it has no existing order detail record for the order record in the 1st tab.

    Would appreciate if you can share how this can be achieved in Lianja

    Many thanks in advance!!

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    Hi WJ,

    Lianja.getCursor() can be used to get the rowcount of the grid's cursor.

    <section>.add() can be used to add a record.

    <section>.editmode() will put the grid in editmode.

    Will they all work when you hook them up in Javascript in your app? Let us know. <s>

    Where you put the code you write depends on your circumstance, e.g., where are you selecting the parent record. It has to be after that.




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