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Thread: Using Linux for Installation

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    Using Linux for Installation

    While I will steer customers to the Lianja Cloud when it is available shortly -- because what needs to be known, implemented, monitored, and maintained for robust, secure, scalable deployment is a separate occupation from software design, development, QA, deployment, training, support and maintenance. I will use Lianja Cloud wherever I can. Yet, the need can still arise where I won't have that choice, and in that case I would choose Linux over a windows install for a number of reasons.

    For cost and performance, Linux is very desirable. I have a Linux VPS test server, 4GB of ram, 2 virtual cores, 80GB SSD-back drive, that costs me $10 a month. (, but there are plenty out there.) Also, when running the Lianja Cloud Server, it is quite easy to lock down.

    But of course one must learn some things in order to work with linux. I have found that DigitalOcean has very useful tutorials on setting up and working with Linux. The best I have found. They also do hosting: for the kind of server I described above, the price is double. They have many more features if such are needed, however.

    Anyway, to find what they have in the way of Linux tutorials, do a Google search on: linux


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