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Thread: Building responsive Apps in Lianja 5

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    Building responsive Apps in Lianja 5

    In this video I will demonstrate an App that runs on desktop, web, tablets and phones.

    Using Google Chrome (Developer Tools) you can switch between Web, Tablet and a variety of phones and see how the App looks and behaves on all these devices.

    As you can see from the video below Lianja 5 includes a much cleaner and responsive UI that enables the same App to run on a variety of devices in both portrait and landscape mode.

    This particular App has been built to show Lianja best practices for building Apps that are required to run on mobile devices as well as desktop and web.

    Best practice: This App uses an "Accordion Stack" and has a navigation panel that is shown down the left of the page enabling fast switching between the UI "Accordion sections" by touching or clicking icons.

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