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Thread: Using pip for python package management in Lianja 5

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    Using pip for python package management in Lianja 5

    Lianja 5 supports Python 3.7.

    "pip" is the standard way to install python packages.

    There are many packages available see link below:

    Lianja has full support for Python 3.7 as a first class scripting language for desktop apps. Python can also be used for server side dynamic page generation using ".pysp" files.

    As a fully supported scripting language you can use the Lianja Framework with Python.

    If you have any previous Visual FoxPro knowledge you will recognize the UI framework classes as they are a super set of those in Visual FoxPro 9.

    With an impressive amount of extensions and enhancements to what was available in Visual FoxPro 9 and full support for layout management the Lianja Framework can be used with Lianja/VFP, Python, JavaScript and/or PHP.

    You can install python packages that will enable you to build modern apps with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning built in.

    There are two ways you can add python packages so that they can be used in your Apps.

    - Type pip commands and python commands in the python console

    - Open up a terminal/command window and run pip and python commands interactively

    On Windows:


    On Linux:


    In both cases the python packages will be installed and will be accessible from both development and runtime view.

    You then only have to use the python import statement to use them in your apps.
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