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Thread: MT DLL support in Lianja

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    Lightbulb MT DLL support in Lianja

    Lianja allows to define a class as OLEPUBLIC which is great!

    Do you also plan Multi-threaded DLLs creation?

    Request explanation:
    VFP allows to create EXE, single threaded DLL, and MT DLL
    MT DLL can be accessed as a COM+ server from many clients without interferences and delays.

    (This feature is maybe hidden to me under some language construct which I did not test yet.)

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    No we do not plan this. You can see what is planned on the roadmap which s updated regularly based on enhancement requests that are submitted as tickets. This is how we prioritize development. Lianja is community driven and and submitting enhancement requests an/or bug tickets affect how development is prioritized.

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