When V5 is released, one of the little features which, for me at least, has a large impact is very simple:

When you close Lianja, even for a version update (in beta testing there are a lot of version updates, right?), all the files you had open in the App and Library editors, including Library files, are reopened.

This means I can always pick up my work right where I left it.

This is one of many, many productivity improvements in V5. I just reopened some work and had that "oh, isn't that great" experience and thought I'd share it.

Back to work...


PS: another one -- when you are in the App Inspector and you have to do a "pink save" (the save at the bottom of the App Inspector, needed for certain attributes), or you do an App save, the App Inspector holds its place. If you were looking at delegates, it stays right where it was, preserving the context you were before you Saved. Every time we "switch context" our brain has to do extra processing. This eliminates that little brain burden. One time is inconsequential, but when that's happening over and over again, eliminating that distraction adds up to a lot.