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Thread: New database events in Lianja 5

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    New database events in Lianja 5

    I have added two new database events in Lianja 5.


    These are both called with two parameters, database and table.

    Example usage of dbc_beforeopentable you could SET CONNSTR TO "..." to handle user specific VT authentication with MSSQL MySQL etc.

    when dbc_afteropentable is called the table is now open so you could restrict data accessible to a user by specifying a filter.

    If SET DBCEVENTS OFF is in effect the event procs are not called.

    There are quite a few uses for these two new database events.

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    It's worth mentioning that in Lianja 5 you can specify global connection strings for virtual tables using SET CONNSTR TO "....".

    If the CONNSTR for a virtual table is missing the the global one is used. If it starts with a "?" and there is a global connstr then that is used otherwise the "?" is removed from the connstr and that is used.

    This all makes for simplified virtual table usage and a simpler way to switch database servers.
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    Developers: these are incredibly important features when you get to the stage of deployment.

    These features allow us to meet modern security requirements (such as database passwords changing every 90 days) and also deployment/redeployment issues (servers changing; deploying at multiple customers) using secure, data-driven methods.

    Whether it's a customer's KMS (Key Management System) or one we write in Lianja, this means the connection string will a) never have to exist in any form on the same network as the Lianja database and b) will exist in unencrypted form only in memory for the amount of time the table takes to open, by setting it back to nonsense in the dbcAfterTableOpen.

    If writing your own, let me point out that Chilkat's diffie-hellman implementation is in its default configuration fast enough to handle the encryption between the dbcBeforeOpenTable event and the KMS, so even that connection becomes protected (e.g., to an https web service on it's own DMZ), with no keys stored anywhere in your app. And if you haven't explored Chilkat's controls, which integrate a first-class objects in Lianja, let me suggest you do. They are force multipliers because, like Lianja, the needs of developers have been wrapped into the basic functions.





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