When wanting to update an app on the Cloud Server, the last thing you want to do is use Filezilla to update the files, for several reasons. Human error being the most obvious. The other is that the data files can only be replaced, and if in use can't be overwritten. On a busy server, this could be problematic.

The solution is to create an LPK, and follow the directions in the (rather fine) documentation for the Package Manager: https://www.lianja.com/doc/index.php...ackage_Manager

Now, I would suggest you do the setup (on windows, the DB_WWWAUTOUPDATE registry key) before you put the LPK there. I put the LPK there, then remembered I needed to set the registry key -- but because it's a third-party managed production server, had to have the NetOps at the managed provider set the key. In the meanwhile, I moved stuff up manually (and yes, put some files in a wrong directory, but didn't harm anything is doing so, thankfully). Then they set the registry key a few hours later (they're really good about these things), the LPK was updated and of course overwrote what I had put up there in the meantime. Easy to fix though: made an LPK, put it up there, and blam! all done.

Very sweet.