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Thread: 'Bug-Report' Electron crashing Lianja App Dev Tool

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    'Bug-Report' Electron crashing Lianja App Dev Tool

    Hello Dear Developers and the Team of Lianja,

    I have science i install Lianja problems.
    I like the Software but i cant compiling a App.

    OK first 1000 Problems are Home Made by myself.
    I dont install Node and then nmp and Electron.

    Sorry 'noop'

    OK the next step.
    I install Beta Developer, Lianja Crash
    secondf step Standard Edition Electron, Lianja Crash
    third step Electron Dev. Last Build, Lianja Crash.

    OK, by copy of Electron first Crash.
    Seconde Crash by Compiling

    If is a Bug of Lianja or i make only 'noop' failover i don't know.
    I don't say Lianja is the Problem, i know the User on the Front is the Problem.

    If possible i send too a System Info, i know no more what i have on HW installed.
    Sorry Guy's, i study and teached Computer Network but never know what i use self.

    If some one know why Lianja crash on my System, before my Trial Edition is expired in 9 Day, im super Happy about any Infos.

    Kind regards

    Christian from Switzerland

    And big Sorry for my really bad English.
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    Hi Christian,

    I recommend that you submit a ticket for such a problem and to speak with developer team that way.
    I would uninstall Lianja and re-install it with all default options (on C: drive).

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