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Thread: System Library for DBC

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    System Library for DBC

    Hi Barry,

    I came across this line in the doc for Database Events:

    "When a database is opened, if dbc_library.prg (.dbo compiled/runtime) procedure library file exists, it is loaded as a system library." (bold mine)

    Could you describe the usage?

    Also: is lib:/ in the path when executing procedures in the database event functions?



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    Hi Hank,

    It is best practice to keep your Business Procedures in the database container rather than scattered around different directories such as in the library.

    The advantage of this approach is that they are backed up when the database is backed up and they are accessible by all clients including any ODBC clients or web clients.

    Stored procedures are also in the database container. If you have any specialized functions such as data analytics or BI functions it is recommended that they are placed in the dbc_library so that they are portable on any platform.

    System libraries differ from normal procedure libraries in that they are not closed when SET PROCEDURE TO is executed.

    Also worth noting is that Lianja libraries can contain procedures, functions and classes.
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