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Thread: Blown away by the Electron executable

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    Blown away by the Electron executable

    I haven't had the time or need to deploy an executable until now.
    I can't express how amazinginlgy easy this is to do with Lianja.

    Put this together with Lianja's Odata and RSP pages and you have a very powerfull executable that can replace slower web apps.

    I'm definately going to run with this!

    Thanks so much Barry!!


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    Hi Herb,

    Yes, indeed. What is incredible is what you don't have to do.

    Lianja was designed from the ground-up to be able to easily do what others have to watch courses to learn to do -- before they find problems attempting to apply what they learned to their own applications. Do a google search on "electron app from phonegap" and you'll see what I mean. Of course there are courses on how to create phonegap apps also. And then of course one would need to learn a UI framework, make it work with web data calls. The list goes on and on.

    Instead, build your app as a web app, fill in a couple of fields, push 3 buttons, and bingo, you've got your Electron app.

    Incredible, wonderful.

    For those who haven't looked at the big picture: the Electron app makes the same web calls as a web app running in a browser. Those calls go to the Lianja Cloud Server. Where you had a choice of a browser app (not acceptable for professional business applications) or remote desktop/Citrix, now your costs for remote access desktop apps are decimated (without OS and Virtualization and Remote Access licensing, and the servers underlying those technologies, you can end up spending 10th what you are spending now on remoting, based on our estimates).

    So yes, a big thanks to Barry whose vision, genius and hard work have made this all happen.




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