I'm testing the Lianja Tablet Web UI Demo app on an iPad 4 and I'm running into some issues. I'm not sure if these are Lianja issues or iPad issues.

I am unable to scroll the App Centre main screen. I've published 13 apps and I can see 12 in portrait and 6 in landscape orientations, and I can run the apps that I can see, but I can't scroll the screen to see all the apps.

The App Centre LogOut button doesn't appear to do anything. Tapping the icon simply highlights LogOut and nothing else.

In the example_webapp1, in the Customers Orders page, click add or edit on a record and it displays three date fields with drop down date controls. When I touch these controls a Lianja date selector is displayed but then an iPad date style selector is displayed over the top. Can this be prevented? It isn't particularly bothersome other than the iPad date selector has a clear button and allows entering an empty date.

I have tested this on my Galaxy Tab and found that it appears the App Centre allows scrolling but it's nearly impossible to actually scroll without accidentally selecting a tile and the LogOut button still does nothing. However, editing date fields only shows the Lianja selector.


Rob C