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Thread: Features required in upcoming Report Writer

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    Features required in upcoming Report Writer

    From development roadmap, i can guess that upcoming report writer is only for web based applications,
    Following points need to be covered in upcoming writer
    - It Must have a desktop version. So that we can we can distribute desktop based apps with reports.
    - It must handle all type of printers DOT Matrix, Laser, Inkjet etc.
    - It Must include good zoom feature in preview, where we can zoom more then 100%,
    In visual foxpro preview, we can zoom only upto 100%
    - It must include drill down feature
    - it must support export to word, pdf, excel, html format
    - Visual foxpro 9 report writer is not powerful. you should try to include advance features from crystal reports

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    Hi Ashish,

    This is a pretty friendly forum where we ask questions, find answers, leave tips etc.

    If there is something you have tried to do, like printing from a desktop application that is not working, you can generate a ticket.
    If there are items you would like to see added or enhanced, you can submit an enhancement request.

    That will probably be more effective than writing a list of must have's.

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    Hi Herb,

    well, this is the Enhancement Discussions forum.

    It's a nice list of desired features. I suspect that the linguistic style is off because of linguistic-cultural differences. It comes off as a list of demands. I am not sure that's what was meant.

    I remember being with a young Haitian-American when I lived in Florida when he ran into a middle-aged woman who was a friend of his family. Listening to them talk in Haitian Creole one would have thought them to be bitter enemies. But in fact they were having a friendly conversation, catching up with each other. Something like that might be going on in Ashish's post. I don't want to speak for Ashish, but thought I'd add this little bit to broaden our interpretation. FWIW, I was surprised on my visit to Thailand to learn that Thai often sounds demanding, even when it is polite.

    And I agree that in this corner of the universe, demands are considered impolite, even from a supervisor. More than that, they are ineffective in terms of promoting a collaborative environment where workers are looking for ways to make things work better. It's "we," not "I and you." At least that's the culturally prevalent goal: it's not always attained.

    FWIW, the only part I'm unsure about in that list is the drill-down feature, in the same way that Crystal Reports handles it (building a tree for you based on the detail groups). Hyperlinks to sub-reports are possible now, so I can't imagine them not being in the more advanced version of reporting. A drilldown where a group is "hidden" until unveiled by drilling down the tree would be really nice. I can see how it could easily be done (it's all in the Div's).

    Well, the dot-matrix thing is a bit puzzling, too. Even ticket printers these days don't use dot-matrix. and dot-matrix drivers generally do not do well with graphic fonts. But that's why we have the forum: Ashish can educate us on the Use Case for dot-matrix.

    Which brings me to my last point <s>: presenting the Use Case for a feature is really important in helping that feature get adopted. Most of us aren't very good at reading each other's minds. The Use Case helps bring us together




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