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Thread: How to access Dom objects on a web view section

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    Boy do I feel silly.

    That was actually very easy..

    working perfectly.

    mycall = Lianja.getElementByID("page1.section1").webview

    Thanks Barry - very powerful.


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    Hi Herb,

    So as you can see, you can call functions in the WebView using oWebView.evaluate() and those functions can use Lianja.evaluate() inside the WebView function to call other functions in the App. It's a two way interaction.

    And with a little thought one WebView can call functions in another WebView which may be on a different page.
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    Hi Barry,

    This is very cool. From a desktop canvas VFP section, I am easily manipulating the HTML objects in the webview.
    This allows me to do things that are little more difficult on desktop. Like setting the opacity of images and overlaying them.

    In this example, I have two images of yours truly - With some added hair on the right

    Name:  htmlinteractive1.jpg
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    In my vfp section, I just call the move and opacity functions I wrote in the webview.

    This really has my head spinning at the moment....
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