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Thread: Reference an object in a custom VFP section

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    Reference an object in a custom VFP section


    I am having a brain freeze. I know I did this a while back, but I can't recall how to do this.

    In a FoxPro Custom section, I have an image called myImage in a container that I would like to reference from a canvas section.
    I know those items are not part of the LOM, but cant recall how to reference them in the app inspector.

    Thanks (a slightly embarrassed) Herb

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    Hi Herb,

    so this is a different section?

    I believe it would be:

    loCustSection = lianja.get("mycustsect")
    loImage = loCustSect.mycontainer.myimage

    If the above works, but doesn't work when all put together (loImage = lianja.get("mycustsect")..mycontainer.myimage), Barry says to file a bug report, because it should.

    IOW, it's more like VFP after you get the object reference to the custom section.

    And this could be entirely wrong. <s>


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    Hi Hank,

    I tried every combination I could recall. Somehow I think I need to include the namespace.
    I will open a ticket.



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    Yvonne - thanks!

    I had forgotten that I needed to declare the object public.

    That works!

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    Hi Herb - can you share the code answer, thanks.

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    HI Paul - This is old post that Yvonne found.



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