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Thread: Passing Grid value to other Page.

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    Passing Grid value to other Page.


    I found 2(two) weird issue when passing value (orderid) from Page1's Grid to Page2's Form.

    Issue# 1:
    For example if i click a ROW that have Order Id = 10250 on Page1's Grid,
    Page2's Form will display records for Order Id = 10251

    here is my code that i trigger to call Page2:

    var orders = Lianja.getCursor("orders");
    var orderid = orders.getData("orderid");

    Lianja.messagebox(orderid); // <- Just want to make sure it pickup from the correct selected row.

    Lianja.getElementByID("Page2.section1").filter = "orderid='orderid'"

    Issue# 2:
    On the same two page above.
    After viewing the data on Page2 ( i mean the wrong data as Issue#1), i go back to Page1 and select different Row, and repeat the process above (Issue#1), then Page2 will no longger displaying any data.
    Page2 display Error Message "Server Connection Lost" (see attachment)

    Do you guys have any idea why i get those two result?

    Thanks in advance for your attention.

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    Look at the example mobile apps in the header menu delegates and you will see how the pages are kept in sync.
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