Why when I save a data in other database , this save ok, but if I modify it goes blank , this happend only when I add a record to other database form other program , this is the idea:

I have a main program call landm , with their own database and tables , this program need to write a new data to other lianja program named electro ok, If I make a new record in the electro programa , is OK I can Edit it and write the change, is Ok too. but when the main program (land) write new data in lectro this new data , appears OK , I can see in electro , but if I make a edit record , and make any change , this record goes blank ,the fields goes blank.

This only happens in compiled program, if I do this exercise in the Appbuilder goes fine , never loose the fields and never goes blank the record.

Any idea?

main program rutine (named Land)

open database empresas
select 20
use mail_planos
append blank
Oitem = Lianja.getElementByID("Envios.section2.cuerpo1")
store Oitem.value to cuerpo01
repl MENSAJE with cuerpo01
// Oitem = Lianja.getElementByID("Envios.section2.grupo_selec t1")
repl GRUPO_ENV with 0
// Oitem = Lianja.getElementByID("Envios.section2.cuerpo1")
repl MANUAL_ENV with 'mburle@landmasters.com.mx;gontrannoble@hotmail.co m'
Oitem = Lianja.getElementByID("Envios.section2.asunto1")
store Oitem.value to asunto01
repl TITULO_CORR with asunto01
Oitem = Lianja.getElementByID("Envios.section2.corr_sal1")
store Oitem.value to corr_sal01
repl CORR_ORIG with corr_sal01
Oitem = Lianja.getElementByID("Envios.section2.corr_muestr a1")
store Oitem.value to corr_muestra01
repl MEMBRETE with corr_muestra01
store 'z:\envios\'+nombre_html to archivo_html11
repl html_ext with archivo_html11
append memo mensaje from '&archivo_html11' overwrite
open database landmasters