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Thread: Where to create a new database using the standard Lianja App Builder.

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    Where to create a new database using the standard Lianja App Builder.

    A really simple question but I can't find instructions or where to do it.

    What tool does one use to create a Lianja Database with tables please?

    When I try to create a new database under the Data Menu icon on the LHS & then right click & select New Database in the right-hand window, a message is displayed that this feature is not available for the standard version of Lianja (i.e. Lianja App Builder). Can someone please tell me where one can create a database (with related tables) in the Standard Version Lianja App Builder?

    Help from anyone could be greatly appeciated. I have looked at the video tutorials etc but they ALWAYS assume that the database (foundation of the App) pre-exists, is filled with data and it never shows how the database was created.

    Many thanks in advance for any assistance.



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    Hi Bruce,

    Yvonne replied to your other thread you created several weeks ago.

    Are you receiving any errors in the Lianja console?


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    Hi Bruce,

    Lianja has lots of ways to get the same task accomplished.

    I like to create my tables by hand.

    For example, in the console, you can run the following.

    create database Bruce
    open database Bruce

    create table table1(name char(10), age int)
    use table1 current

    insert into table1 (name, age) values("Herb",45)
    select * from Bruce!table1
    Hope that helps.

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