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Thread: Lianja v2.0 Mobile App -- Cloud authentication

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    Lianja v2.0 Mobile App -- Cloud authentication

    When building a PhoneGap mobile App in Lianja you build a database-oriented business App that you submit to the Apple App Store or Google Play.

    The mobile App runs on your phone or tablet. It connects to a remote Lianja Cloud Server to access data, generate dynamic webview content and run business procedures on the server.

    You can build mobile apps that require no authentication and run as a guest user or require the user to authenticate (login) first.

    If you check the "Login required" attribute in the App Settings, Lianja looks for a page in the App which is a "Login Page" (new attribute in the Page Settings).

    This becomes the first page to be made visible when you run the App on a mobile device. If no "Login Page" is found then Lianja will create a default one for you that you use to sign in.

    Once authenticated, the "Initial Page" (as defined in the App Settings) is made visible. To logout and return to the "Login Page" touch the "Home" icon in the page headerbar.

    I'll be posting some videos soon to demonstrate building a Mobile App in Lianja from start to finish including building it and then downloading and running it on a mobile device.
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    Hi Barry

    This is very exciting enhancement for our team and thanks for making mobile app development so easy!
    Really looking forward to work with Lianja version 2.0

    Thanks & Best Regards



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