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Thread: Confused about how to actually instal to remote Cloud Server

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    Confused about how to actually instal to remote Cloud Server

    May be something I'm just missing, as I'm pretty new to Lianja.

    I have installed as a trial Cloud Server on a Windows server and a Linux Server.

    I can enter the IP address in my local browser and I get the Lianja App Center Login.

    I now want to deploy the Lianja Tablet Web UI Demo and the Lianja Web UI Demo to these 2 servers. I suspect I would also need to deploy database.

    Couple questions:
    1. Is there any way to know exactly what pieces should be selected when I am in the Deploy process? For example, which libraries, etc are needed?
    2. What is the proper sequence of steps to generate everything and then get it to the Cloud Server?

    If this is something that I just missed, just point me in the direction of the answer, and I'll go review it. I've spent about an hour on this, not making must progress so figured I'd ask here.


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    The answer is to use projects. When you select a project in the deploy workspace. It will check off all the files in the project and deploy them.

    So create a project and add the files to the project. You can add multiple apps too so they all get deployed.

    The only library files you need to deploy are custom ones you have written yourself. Normally all files specific to an app are in the app directory and will be copied automatically when you deploy.

    Custom library files that you share across multiple apps should be in the library workspace and should be added to your project.

    Yes you need to deploy your database.

    I normally develop then deploy to my local cloud server for testing. This I treat as my staging and testing server.

    When I'm ready to put on a remote server I choose the project and upload using the built-in sftp support.
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