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    App CSS

    Hi Barry

    With the new App CSS in RC9, can we do the following settings all in one place in the app CSS?

    a) Set the page and section headers colors in app CSS

    b) Set the subtitle colors in app CSS

    c) Set the page and section footer colors in app CSS

    d) Set the grid headers colors in app CSS

    e) Set the disabled fields colors in app CSS

    Your advice is much appreciated

    Thanks & Best Regards

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    Hi Tek Hong,

    The whole of a Lianja App is arranged as a hierarchy of UI elements with CSS selectors that give you the ability to theme the App based on the App CSS file. In versions prior to v1.3 you need to create a .theme file which sets the app.css=lib:/myapp.css. In v1.3 the App CSS can be specified in the App Settings.

    The UI hierarchy is arranged as follows along with the CSS selectors below.

    -- Page
    ---- Page header *[lianja_ui_page_header="1"] { ...css... }
    ------ Page panel *[lianja_ui_page_panel="1"] { ...css... }
    -------- Section
    ---------- Section header *[lianja_ui_section_header="1"] { ...css... }
    ---------- Section menu *[lianja_ui_section_menu="1"] { ...css... }
    ---------- Section subtitle *[lianja_ui_section_subtitle="1"] { ...css... }
    ---------- Section search panel *[lianja_ui_section_search="1"] { ...css... }
    ---------- Section panel *[lianja_ui_section_panel="1"] { ...css... }
    ------------ Form section Formitem *[lianja_ui_section_formitem="1"] { ...css... }
    -------------- Label *[lianja_ui_section_formitem_label="1"] { ...css... }
    -------------- Data *[lianja_ui_section_formitem_data="1"] { ...css... }
    ---------- Section footer *[lianja_ui_section_footer="1"] { ...css... }
    ---- Page footer *[lianja_ui_page_footer="1"] { ...css... }

    Each Lianja UI class has a unique selector which can be used in CSS. e.g.



    lianja_ui_textbox { ...css... }

    Disabled field colors can be set in the App Settings (there is an attribute for that).

    As Lianja is built on top of Qt the Qt CSS is well documented at:

    So in fact there is a lot that you can do to theme your App without having to hand code it.
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