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Thread: [Solved] Changing the footer menu

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    [Solved] Changing the footer menu

    Hi all

    I have a grid section with a footer menu with options displayed as action buttons in the footer menu

    I want to change the size of the action buttons in the footer menu.

    I tried increasing the footer height but this does not affect the button size

    The default action button has blue font on white. Is there anyway I can change to black on white for the command buttons

    Your advice is much appreciated

    Thanks & Best Regards
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    In v1.3RC6 the footer menu buttons will autosize their height automatically as you change the footer height in the section attributes.

    There is also a new attribute "Footer button CSS" that provides the ability to override the appearance of the buttons. Click the "..." button to the right of this attribute and specify your own CSS. This is applied to the buttons in the section footer.

    There are three property selectors to provide CSS skinning of the footer buttons as shown below:

    [lianja_ui_custom_button="1"] { border:1px solid white; background black; color: white; font: bold 16px; }
    [lianja_ui_custom_button_hover="1"] { background: #cfcfcf; }
    [lianja_ui_custom_button_pressed="1"] { background: lightblue; }

    And the buttons will be displayed like this:

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    Thanks a million Barry

    Your assistance is greatly appreciated. This is certainly the best principal's support experience I ever have so far.

    Best Regards

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    Very nice!



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