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Thread: Running desktop Lianja Apps in a browser from a Linux server

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    Yes I realize that is is pure HTML in the browser but it requires components to be setup on the server to deliver this functionality so it is the server setup requirements that I am interested in learning more about. The current product I use for doing this now uses the TomCat server with a java application that connects to Terminal Services. The RDP protocol this is then converted by the java application and sent to the browser. It runs on both Windows and Linux servers. It works very well but you pay per concurrent user and you must have RDS setup on the Windows Server or XRDP setup on the Linux Server. So I wondered how the Guacamole server components accessed the Windows Application in order for it to be displayed in the browser.

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    Yes it uses xrdp and tomcat also. There us a daemon running on Linux that handles it, so it's completely Linux based.
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