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  1. HOWTO use the Lianja Cloud Admin Console

    The Lianja Admin Console for Lianja Cloud provides you with everything you need to administer your users, databases, packages, reports and - very importantly - forensics in the cloud. It also contains a real time dashboard that is dynamically updated. This monitors the users connected and the CPU, memory and disk usage. The Lianja Admin Console is a Lianja App so you can open it in the App Builder, study how it is implemented, modify it and enhance it and deploy it to your server.

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  2. HOWTO Subclass attributes and delegates in one or more Apps using MetaTypes

    MetaTypes provide a powerful means of defining custom types and then subclassing them in Pages, Sections and FormItems.

    Each MetaType that you define in the MetaType Editor can contain attribute/value pairs as well as delegates and their procedure or function names.

    A MetaType is essentially a 'class' which can be inherited simply by specifying its name in the 'Meta Types' attribute for user interface elements. (Pages, Sections and FormItems).

    For full details

    Updated 2022-02-04 at 04:15 by barrymavin

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  3. HOWTO Setup Lianja backup/restore for use with Dropbox, OneDrive and iCloud

    Setup Lianja backup/restore target directory for use with Dropbox, OneDrive and iCloud.



    mkdir ~\Dropbox\Lianja\data\backups\
    mklink /D \Lianja\data\backups\  ~\Dropbox\Lianja\data\backups\

    mkdir ~/Dropbox/Lianja/data/backups/
    ln -s /opt/lianja/data/backups/  ~/Dropbox/Lianja/data/backups/

    mkdir ~/Dropbox/Lianja/data/backups/
    ln -s /Users/Shared/Lianja/data/backups/

    Updated 2021-12-02 at 23:13 by barrymavin

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