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  1. HOWTO Build a Lianja App using best practices

    Lianja is a low-code Apps platform.

    To reduce coding and speed up your App development you need to understand the Lianja Apps Architecture and follow best practices when building your Apps.

    Lianja is a feature rich development environment which encourages you to build Apps by "thinking" and keeping your coding down to an absolute minimum.

    By following best practices as detailed in this article you will become proficient in developing Lianja Apps quickly. ...
    LowCode , HOWTO
  2. HOWTO Integrate Python and LianjaScript

    LianjaScript and Python integration

    Python is now the most popular programming language in the world.

    LianjaScript is a data-centric scripting language specifically used for developing database applications. It is a modern day superset of Microsoft Visual FoxPRO which was widely praised for its speed and flexibility.

    Lianja has complete two-way integration with Python. You can execute Python code directly from LianjaScript and execute LianjaScript code directly ...

    Updated 2024-03-04 at 01:50 by barrymavin

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