View Full Version : Lianja SQL Server RC3 tuning

2013-02-18, 00:16
I have tuned the SQL engine in Lianja SQL Server RC3 and Lianja App Builder RC4.

Specifically, I have tuned the default caching in the SQL engine resulting in an ~300% perfomance improvement. This can be turned on or off using SET SQLCACHE ON|OFF and SET DCACHE ON|OFF. When using ODBC you can tune the Lianja SQL Server using SQLEXEC("lianja SET DCACHE ON"). Notice how the keyword "lianja" can be used to prefix scripting commands that you want to execute in the context of the ODBC connection.

I am a firm believer in developing software in these stages:

1. Design it
2. Write it
3. Make it work
4. Make it fast

I am now at stage 4 as we move towards release so I am reviewing the tickets and the code and speeding things up.

There are still some additional things that can be tuned and I will look at these in due course.