View Full Version : Importing PJX stays on 'Importing .."

2013-02-11, 12:47
I created an empty app and opened it.
Dragged my PJX file into the Files area.
Message appears at the top 'Importing .. \ one of the standard MS VFP9 class libraries.
Half an hour later the message is still there, a couple of libraries have been imported and nothing else.

I can open the original project and manipulate it with VFP9 without a problem. The EXE is only 1.5Mb with maybe 10 forms.

Any ideas?

Version 1.0.0 RC3 on Win XP SP2 using source VFP9 SP3

2013-02-11, 12:54
Do you get any output in the Console Workspace output window?

2013-02-11, 13:39
Yes a bunch of 'Processing ... ' lines
Last one is :

Processing object tmrRefresh class _traceawaretimer

No errors.

2013-02-12, 06:22
Can you Submit a Ticket (http://www.lianja.com/support/newticket) and attach a copy of the Output window contents copied and pasted into a text file, please?