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2013-02-08, 08:54
i have downloaded the trial version of lianja RC3 to evaluate it.
i have many doubts respect to deployment. I wish to know if exist some detailed tutorial about deployment, or some mannual or guide or something that clarifies this subject in particular, and for every option of deployment available (web, mobile, desktop, cloud).
Thanks in advance for your response.

2013-02-08, 09:35
Would you kindly not post the same message in three different threads. Once is enough.

If you take a look at the roadmap you will see the expected release dates for:

Lianja App Builder
Lianja SQL Server
Lianja Cloud Server
Lianja Mobile Edition

If you read the blogs and tutorials you will get a good idea about how you build Apps in Lianja.

If you follow Lianja best practices your Apps will run on Desktop, Web and Mobile.

Just develop an App in the App Builder then Deploy it using the App Builder. The deployment directory is where the Lianja Cloud Server (and Cloud App Center) read Apps from and run them in a browser.

Lianja is not a standalone product -- it is a complete end-to-end platform -- aPaaS (Apps Platform As a Service).

You develop apps using the app builder, test them, then deploy them.

You run the apps on the desktop through the Lianja App Center.

You run the apps from the cloud by pointing your browser at a URI which displays the Lianja App Center in your browser. You login and the Apps that you have permission to run are rendered as tiles. You click on a tile and the App is read from the cloud and rendered in the browser. The browser can be running on a desktop computer or a mobile device (such as a tablet).

The Lianja Mobile Edition is a native client for mobile devices. It reads apps from a specified URI in the cloud and renders the App natively on the mobile device.