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2013-02-01, 03:25
Let's say I have an App and I need to change all the existing data in a form section. It seems like I have to click on every field first to be able to modify the data or am I doing something wrong here ?

2013-02-01, 03:52
Try this.


2013-02-01, 04:03
You beat us to it phabio! :-)

That was exactly what I was going to recommend.
In addition once in edit mode you can use the tab key to move through the fields.

2013-02-01, 06:35

I didn't notice that because I deactivated the Action bar as I was trying to 'localize' the Page in Dutch and restrict everything to a minimum.

Would it in any way be possible to move to the next field by pressing ENTER. Our customers need to enter a lot of numeric data and this goes very fast by typing the numbers and pressing ENTER on the numeric keypad.
(Maybe : VFP style , Enter or Tab to exit fields ?)

2013-02-01, 08:14
You also have a Section actionbar available, which has an Edit button. 167 The Section actionbar can be configured to hide groups of buttons 168
Or, you could use the Custom Option Menu of the section (you will still need the OK/Cancel buttons in the Section actionbar) to put the section into Edit mode, Add or anything else you need and the displayed menu options can be in your required language.169170171

2013-02-01, 08:14
Which is accessed like this: 172