View Full Version : Linux Version Recommendation for Lianja SQL Server?

2013-01-26, 12:05
Is there a particular flavor of Linux that Lianja suggests for Lianja SQL Server deployment?



2013-01-26, 12:11
Lianja SQL Server runs on both Windows and Linux.

My personal linux preference is Centos which is basically Redhat linux. We have many enterprise customers running both Redhat and Centos clustered and all the sites run 24x7 with no problems at all.

2013-01-26, 12:15
I should probably also point out that both 32 bit and 64 bit versions are database binary compatible between windows and linux. What this means is that if you want to move between Windows and Linux (32 or 64), there are no complex import/export steps required (as there are with other SQL databases), you can just zip up the database directory and unzip it on another system, then set the required file permissions.

Simplicity is good in my opinion. Complexity is a time waster.