View Full Version : VFP to Lianja - VFP DBC import

2012-12-13, 10:38
I have been a (V)FP developer since 1991 (pre-M$ days). As I normally use Linux (VFP works fine under Wine) and Windows just for VFP, I am very interested in cross-platform apps. Most of my VFP apps are dual-data - local (DBF) or server (MySQL) data. I use updateable views in the DBC to accomplish this. When importing a VFP DBC into Lianja, no views, connections or procedures are imported. Will this be incorporated in the future?

2012-12-16, 01:47
If you submit an enhancement request as a ticket on Lianja.com we can take a look at these post v1.0

views and stored procedures are supported in Lianja now but as you point out they are not imported from DBC files.

The importer is written in VFP, you can find this in the libraries workspace.

after we release v1.0, as stated in the roadmap, we will continue to develop and improve the product with frequent updates.