View Full Version : How do you Import a Form using a Class Library

2012-12-12, 10:35
I imported a class library with a few controls (form, label and commandbutton) and then I imported a form which was subclassed on this library. All the controls for the form are defined on base controls meaning they are not subclassed using the class library. How do you import a form so it generates the code to subclass controls?

2012-12-12, 10:42
Just realized the code generated for the form is subclassed but the code generated for the label and commandbutton are not. Also the commandbutton generated a class name (command_x_x) which is different than the Add Object name (command_x). There are other issues but I will start with this.

2012-12-12, 22:19
Robert, can you submit a ticket and zip up the attached project to let us have a look and see whats going on.

2012-12-13, 10:15
OK Done. I really am hoping that the Import is fixed/enhanced so I can eliminate basic tests and start doing some more advanced stuff.