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2012-11-11, 20:12
Hello to everybody
I just try for a while to use LIANJA, connecting with other database (POSTGRES, MS-SQL) but I does not have any success. Mean to make a simple application wich have a persitent connection , have a GRID, make some query, update and so on. I even try the new command "CREATE VIRTUALTABLE" but it does not work (for me !).
So my question: does anybody of you make some test with this section of Lianja ? Can ayone help me with some indications ? For me it's very important to use other database (in this moment).
Thanks a lot !

2012-11-11, 20:50
Go to the console workspace and select the ODBC tab then you can see if your connection works:

after the connection just issue:


then issue some SQL selects to make sure your connection is made properly.

Yes we are using virtualtables ourselves in the product.

2012-11-12, 05:52
Please also note that for the CREATE VIRTUALTABLE syntax, the odbcdsn connection string is in quotes and the select_statement isn't.

[ALIAS name]
CONNSTR "odbcdsn"
AS select_statement

create virtualtable salescurr connstr "awhr" as select * from sales.currency

2012-11-12, 08:01
For examples / or manuals / or documentation I mean some code wich I can study / understand / use. I'd like to understand how to make a GRID, how to add my methods in , make reports, and so on.. I don't want to use Lianja only for editing data .
Other way , some months ago I ask Lianja team about courses / seminares (even paying of course); did you have any notice abit this ?
Thanks a lot

2012-11-12, 08:08
Yes we did and we have mentioned that when we ship the product in final release we will be offering training courses to help you make the best of Lianja.

There are many examples in the blogs and developers guide already. We will be producing more now that the overall product is maturing.

Remember that Lianja is still in beta. If you read the code in the demo apps you can get a good idea on how to use Lianja.

These forums are for you, so ask questions here and we will do our best to answer them.