View Full Version : Monetizing your Lianja Apps

2012-11-09, 21:27
When we open up the Lianja Cloud, It will have an App Store that developers can submit their Apps into (these are .lpk files created inside the App Builder "Deploy" workspace). These will be vetted and if accepted placed in the Lianja App Store.

The Lianja App Center will (soon) have an "App Store" menu item in the navigation bar at the top.

Apps can be browsed and searched by category and if selected the end-user is redirected to the subscriptions panel (if they are not yet on a valid subscription) where they purchase a subscription.

The developer sets a mutually agreed price and Lianja take a percentage. The monthly subscription revenues from their Apps are then transferred into their bank accounts automatically.

This is why the Lianja App Center is such an important part of the Lianja aPaaS as it allows developers to monetize their hard work without much hassle.