View Full Version : Did the way of importing vfp-projects change with Beta 10?

2012-11-07, 04:29
I try to import a vfp-project but nothing happens. I did it like it is descriped in the document "Quick Guide to Importing Visual FoxPro Files": New app, selected the apps workspace, drag and drop pjx-file in the files-container.

2012-11-07, 04:39
If you look in the Console Workspace, are there any messages?

2012-11-07, 05:08
To answer your question I imported the project again - and this time it works. I have no idea why it did not work the first times.
Maybe it has to do with another strange thing.
When I first started Beta 10 I had an empty dashboard. Today I deleted some of my test-app-directories at lianja/apps.
And now I have several tiles on the dashboard. The apps I deleted were named with "a_" at the beginning, so they are listed right at the top.

2012-11-07, 12:27
Please let me know how to import .scx and or folders.

2012-11-07, 12:36
Please let me know how to import .scx and or folders.

Hopefully this will help you with the basics: