View Full Version : Organizing scripts and resources for a Lianja App

2012-10-29, 01:15
To make it easier and less time consuming to move an App from one Operating System to another and ease the migration of an App into the Cloud, Lianja requires that all your App specific code reside in the folder for the App.

Any shared code that you want to use between Apps should be stored in the Library folder (Library workspace).

By adhering to this it simplifies moving Apps between platforms.

Additionally, Lianja Cloud is a multi-tenant architecture and for security reasons will only allow access to files in the Apps and the Library directories.

Databases, Apps and Libraries are "part" of your tenancy when a user logs in to the Lianja Cloud. What you "see" is a "virtual file system" which cannot be accessed by other "tenants".

When an App is run, it will look for any scripts in the "App" and "Library" directories. Images and other resources can be prefixed with "app:" or "lib:" to force them to be read from those "Virtual locations".

Much of this is needed to ensure security and prevent other Cloud tenants from interfering with your data and apps.