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2012-10-20, 21:39
Whenever you edit a source file in an app (.prg, .php, .py, .js etc) a backup version wil be kept in the versions workspace (as long as you keep your prg files contained within the app -- this is needed for sandboxing in Lianja Cloud which you will realize soon).

If an App is causing an issue or won't load properly, prior to opening it you can go to the "Versions" workspace and recover any app file (.lianja extension) or any source files (e.g. .prg, .php, .py, .js etc).

Just expand the file tree and you will see a chronological list of files that have been modified since the beginning of time. You double click on a file and it will be displayed readonly in the code viewer.

You can click the "restore" button in the top right hand corner to restore a version.

At any time you can come back to the versions workspace and roll back or roll forward to any point in time to see how your app looks when you do changes to either its behavior of its appearance.

2012-10-22, 03:29
"as long as you keep your prg files contained within the app"

How do I have to do that? I have a app and when I go to section Apps, in Files > Script Files there are my PRG-files. But in Versions there are no Prg-files. Where do i have to say, that a PRG-file is "within the app"?

2012-10-22, 03:53
If you look in the versions tree your previously edited .prg files are there. They are an my machine.

2012-10-22, 03:56
Jens, You just create it in the app. When you edit it its previous version should be in versions. How are you editing these prg files?

2012-10-22, 04:01
I just created a "test" App, then created a script called "mytest.prg". Every time it gets saved after editing a version is kept. See this screenshot.

2012-10-22, 07:29
Sorry, my fault. I looked in several folders and there was only the .lianja file. Now I looked in ALL folders and there are also the PRGs. It works :-)

2012-10-29, 00:59
In Lianja App Builder Beta10 files in the library workspace are now also versioned when edited. You can now rollback and forward between different versions of your library files from the "Versions" workspace.