View Full Version : Understanding dynamic compilation

2012-10-19, 08:24
In Lianja Beta10, Lianja server pages, which you typically use for writing WebViewWidgets or reports, (these have an .rsp file extension) are dynamically generated only when the source file of the page is newer than the object file (which has a .rso file extension).

These .rso files are loaded into shared memory segments and shared by all users that request them. This provides a high degree of scalebality as 10's of thousands of users share and execute the same code in memory.

This is also the case with scripts written in Lianja (Visual FoxPro .prg files) which are compiled into files with a .dbo file extension.

The memory footprint is kept small and there is no re-compilation required as the scripts are only compiled when the source file is newer than the object file. This is one of the great benefits of dynamic scripting languages.