View Full Version : What versions of Python does Lianja support?

2011-07-03, 05:12
What versions of Python does Lianja support?

2011-07-03, 05:13
Python 2.4, 2.6 or 2.7

2012-07-02, 05:42

>Python 2.4, 2.6 or 2.7

First of all, I am assuming the above is meant for CPython.
Did you embed a "normal" CPython in Lianja or included/built on part of that tool chain into your own VM ?

Will libraries/toolkits utilizing the C-interface of CPython work out of the box in Lianja ?
First of all NumPy, SciPy but also Cython modules ?
If so, is there a (performance?) reason NOT to use a Python type C-interface
if one wants to include/drop to C as it has its own future roadmap line ?

Any docs available on Lianja architecture (the bird's eye view) available ?
No need to be formated and spell-checked to perfection, just as a shortcut
to finding possible edge cases via thinking, not typing.

Similar questions on JS or PHP not written in the respective threads -
but such info interesting at least to me.



2012-07-02, 06:04
Lianja embeds All the scripting language using their respective APIs.

PHP is embedded at v5.3.8.

Python is auto detected and the corresponding exe is run which was built against that particular Python version.

All of the scripting languages sit on top of the common UI classes.

You can just use whatever python/PHP libraries you have for the particular distro.

Just open up Lianja and select the "Console workspace" then you can ask Python/PHP what version they are.

So to answer your question, you can use whatever Python or PHP libraries you have or want to write in C if thats takes your fancy.

2012-09-15, 00:31
Google just announced the official release of a whole host of new Apis. Why don't you distribute these with Lianja?

See this announcement.

2012-09-15, 15:50
[QUOTE=tonymarshall;2585]Google just announced the official release of a whole host of new Apis. Why don't you distribute these with Lianja?

See this announcement.

Hi Tony,

They are just Python libraries. Why distribute them, when anyone who wants them can download them? The cool part in Lianja is that you can import them in Python, and return the object to your favorite language. So they aren't just a Python API anymore: they're a Python/PHP/Javascript/VFP api.


2012-09-15, 16:05
I'm wary of including too much in the distro, the last thing we want Is a visual studio sized diwnload :)

As Hank says wrapping these in vfp is quite simple. The integration is quite straightforward and one of the goals of the Lianja architecture right from the beginning was to make it easily extensible.