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2012-09-29, 14:22

I assume that you are using an application server for your Cloud Server so I thought you might be interested in this product (www.gwan.com) which is much faster than any other application server. I have been using another product from this developer for years "Remote Anything" so I can attest to how small and fast he makes his applications.

Just my two cents.

2012-09-30, 04:23
In fact thats a Web Server as is apache/nginx/jetty and many others. Lianja Cloud Server is in fact a Cloud App Server with a database server built-in. So it actually is multi-purpose.

I doubt if you will be disappointed at performance as we have had a lot of experience with clustering, fault tolerance and high availability systems as one of the companies in our group does Enterprise Consulting, which I myself am heavily involved in. A lot of the work we have done is setting up high performance load balanced clusters connected together with 40Gbs infiniband inter-connects.

There are a lot of factors that affect system performance and many mistakes and misunderstandings about where the real bottlenecks are. As an example the PCI bus is a major limiting factor in the current intel architecture as for really high transaction throughput, it can "starve" disk access when running very high speed interconnects so it all comes down to tuning "for the particular use case". Most SANs are connected via fibre channel which is typically only 8 Mbs. Local sata disks are somewhat slower as each PCI bus channel can only handle 2.5 Gbs. Even using a good 4x PCI sata bus controller can still max out at 10 Gbs which is a quarter of the speed of an infiniband interconnect.

So what I'm saying is that somewhere down the line from end user to database storage there is a bottleneck.

A lot of the architecture of Lianja (SQL Server in particular) is optimized to minimize application server to data server communication and therefore minimise machine interconnect bandwidth usage.

Thanks for the heads-up though, it looks interesting.

2012-09-30, 04:27
So if anyone wants to put a big data app together using Lianja. We can provide the necessary consulting expertise to help them if they so wish.