View Full Version : Beta9R9 pre-release for MVPs

2012-09-19, 00:15
Hi everyone,

I have uploaded a new windows beta9r9 today into downloads/windows/beta. Only MVPs or internal staff have access to this as it is pre-release of the Beta9R9 beta.

This has complete support for HTML5 data-bound editing of varchar/memo fields.

If you open the "lianjademo" and select the "Employees" page and click on the employee notes, then click the "hand/edit" icon you will have a full HTML5 editor displayed.

In the App settings, there is a new attribute "HTML editor" which can be set to Desktop, Web or Mobile.

The mobile editor is a lightweight HTML editor with full retina display support.

The Desktop and Web editors are more functional -- similar to MSword or Google docs editor. All editors work in desktop, cloud and mobile.

I have a few things to tidy up but it all seems to be working well.

Only thing not yet completed from the roadmap is the "Virtual tables" being displayed in the "Database table explorer" (and a few tickets not yet fixed).

Both editors are runtime royalty free but can only be used with Lianja Apps. (The mobile editor in particular has been OEMed and included in Lianja).

2012-09-20, 03:19
Coming soon... a new data bound "Calendar" section. Its in the pre-release of Beta9R9 but still a little bit of work to do binding the data in. Example usage, relate employee appointments as you navigate through employee data. This is again HTML5/JavaScript wrapped in a WebView so it will work on desktop, cloud and mobile.

2012-09-20, 03:21
Just uploading a new Beta9R9 pre-release build now which includes improved VFP scx/vcx converters as modified by @lazyfox. Various bug fixes, and this version should now (once again) run on XP as we rolled back to use VS2010 to build it seeing as VS2012 wont build exes for XP anymore.