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2012-09-09, 18:45
The way in which Lianja integrates JavaScript on top of a database development environment is extremely powerful. I'm not a visual foxpro expert but I do like the JavaScript support. I'd like to see the cloud version sooner than later so I hope the Lianja team is listening and don't get bogged down focussing on visual foxpro features for only one group of developers but rather they give us all the cloud and mobile as soon as they are able to as the php, python and JavaScript support is fully complete already from what I can see.

2012-09-10, 13:51
We are actively working on it.

2012-09-10, 16:20
and don't get bogged down focussing on visual foxpro features

I'm a longtime (22 years) VFP developer, and I totally agree. Lianja has enough features to let me easily move code over. And a lot, lot more. 100% compatibility might be nice, but it's sure not a necessity, and certainly is less important than releasing Cloud Server and Native Mobile.

That said, learning the data side of Fox will revolutionize data-handling in PHP, Javascript, and Python. There's not much to learn, and there will be instructional materials on data-handling for non-VFP programmers made available. Kiss your ORM's goodbye: don't need them, never did (they were created to bridge the gap between static objects and data).

Browser, mobile browser, native mobile are needed by devs who are working in today's computing environment: let's not put non-necessities ahead of those things.

Heck, I have a boatload of ER's about the IDE stored off in a dusty corner of my brain <s> -- I'm holding off on them until these other, even more important than IDE, things are out the door.


2012-09-29, 14:24
I too am very interested in the Cloud Server and would love to be able to test it out soon.

2012-09-29, 18:27
We are keeping to the roadmap, but we have some additional technology coming soon to allow desktop GUI apps running on Linux to be run at native-like performance in a web browser on a windows, Mac or Linux desktop -- without any plugins being required. Great for secure, centralized App deployment.

This is in addition to the Lianja Cloud Server and the Lianje Web Client. Stay tuned.