View Full Version : Beta9R8 progress update

2012-08-28, 18:34
We are making good progress with Beta9R8 and we expect to ship it Thursday or Friday this week. Not all reported tickets have been fixed but many have.

We will probably delay general availability of v1.0 until we have taken care of all reported issues and will subsequently release additional refreshes.

We will also make Lianja SQL Server and it's ODBC driver available in the beta prior to general release of v1.0.

I would like to say thanks to those of you who have been helping us with beta testing and submitting tickets -- it just makes the overall product better and better. We do appreciate it.

2013-07-21, 22:59
RC8 changelog

- Added syntax highlighting for editing HTML and XML files.
- SQL92 style join grouping with brackets
- Fixed an issue when changing the custom library for a page or section to lib:/ or pagelib:/ which was reverting back to the app when the file was edited.